20.06.14 – Milan Fashion Week and Gucci SS15

I’m beginning to see a pattern in the fashion industry… Everything is left to last minute. I found myself receiving a phone call out of the blue at 7pm on Thursday night, it was news of a request casting from Gucci in Milan. They wanted to fly me out to cast for the show that would be taking place on Monday. They’d need me in Milan by 10am the following day (Monday), so I took advantage of it and jetted off the following morning!

I arrived in Milan and got a taxi straight to Gucci HQ with my bag that was heavily packed for the 4 days I was hopefully staying for – nothing was certain as I was only flying out for a casting, I had no hotel booked and knew in the back of my mind that I could be flying straight back to London that same day.

I arrived at Gucci’s glamorous headquarters and headed upstairs to the casting that I was slightly late for. I went into the room and was pulled to to the front of the queue to find myself being thrown into an outfit and standing in front of the casting directors walking backwards and forwards as they stared.

I went back to the waiting room eager to find out if I’d got the job… I found out I’d got it and it was a big sigh of relief! Now I had to worry about getting a hotel, so I rang the agency and they efficiently sorted it out. In the meantime I had a little walk around Milan and familiarised myself with the city.

I sat outside of it’s famous Duomo and absorbed the beautiful views and sounds. Bangs and clatters could be heard in the distance and it would send the flocks of pigeons perched upon the grand statue into a frenzy as the would circle the Piazza in syncronisation.


I got the phone call confirming my hotel and made my way up to the northern half of Milan on foot in the 28 degree heat. Upon arrival I found myself in a retro 70s looking posh hotel. Silk wallpaper and an elaborate bed awaited me in the room which it would spend the next 3 nights. The first night I slept well and had to be back at Gucci for 10am…

I was fitted to my outfit and after that had a complete day to roam the streets of Milan again, I didn’t do much interesting however I did have my first Italian pizza which was delicious!


The following day I headed to the venue I’d be walking in for a technical rehearsals, non of the shows I’d done previous had rehearsals before hand so this was a new experience. It was mainly for the crew working the lights and sound to make sure they had their things sorted for the following day. It was good to do though because it gave me time to practice and have a few run thoughs. The clothes I wore for rehearsals weren’t the clothes I’d be wearing for the show, these clothes were top secret! I wore a similar coat and pants but I believe they were cast offs from the collection!

The day had finally arrived and I had a 7am call time which seemed ridiculously early considering the show wasn’t till 12.30pm. But I got there at 7am and sat around as predicted. They started doing hair and make up at about 8am and layed out a rather surprising buffet with lots of sandwiches and cakes which were very tasty. I would sit in silence, not getting nervous, but trying to get into the zone. Slowly dribs and drabs of photographers began to arrive taking ‘behind the scenes’ shots. As it got closer to the walk time the room was packed with all manor of folk, photographers, journalists, hair teams, make up teams and a really heavy security presence! We were finally called through to get ready for the show, all 25 models headed through and started to put on their outfits. We can’t have been backstage for longer than 10 minutes but it felt like ages! Nerves did begin to build up but when the music began I was ready! When I watched it back the show was 8 minutes long.. When I walked it it seemed like 30 seconds, I truly loved it and had such a good time!


04.06.14 – Birthday and Newcastle

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while but I thought seen as I’ve just turned 21, this would be a good place to start.

The past year generally has been an unpredictable one. So much has happened that it would be nearly impossible to backtrack in detail.
It started with me joining a new band ‘Alex Butler & The Opals‘ and gigging all over Newcastle Upon Tyne; My hometown.
Later in 2013 I moved to London with the band.In the meantime got together around Christmas time with my girlfriend Molly.
Started a job teaching at Elstree UTC
I then got scouted by FM London a modelling agency which has since lead onto doing several shoots.

Dropping straight into 4th of June 2014, It’s my 21st birthday.
London Fashion Week is just about to start and I’d been casting all week. My birthday is no different, I was up at 8.30am to get ready and head to 7 castings spread out throughout the day. I travelled right across London and my legs were so tired from the previous weeks. It was nearing an end though.

I hadn’t seen my girlfriend for 2 months. She’d been away travelling; Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Prague and right now she was in Bratislava, Slovakia. She returned on the 5th so I had booked a train to Newcastle to return home and celebrate my birthday and see my family and friends. I made sure to be on the same train in the seat next to her and when I saw her for the first time after those 2 months, my heart was beating rapidly. We were both very tired on the train home and propped each other up like puppets.