04.06.14 – Birthday and Newcastle

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while but I thought seen as I’ve just turned 21, this would be a good place to start.

The past year generally has been an unpredictable one. So much has happened that it would be nearly impossible to backtrack in detail.
It started with me joining a new band ‘Alex Butler & The Opals‘ and gigging all over Newcastle Upon Tyne; My hometown.
Later in 2013 I moved to London with the band.In the meantime got together around Christmas time with my girlfriend Molly.
Started a job teaching at Elstree UTC
I then got scouted by FM London a modelling agency which has since lead onto doing several shoots.

Dropping straight into 4th of June 2014, It’s my 21st birthday.
London Fashion Week is just about to start and I’d been casting all week. My birthday is no different, I was up at 8.30am to get ready and head to 7 castings spread out throughout the day. I travelled right across London and my legs were so tired from the previous weeks. It was nearing an end though.

I hadn’t seen my girlfriend for 2 months. She’d been away travelling; Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Prague and right now she was in Bratislava, Slovakia. She returned on the 5th so I had booked a train to Newcastle to return home and celebrate my birthday and see my family and friends. I made sure to be on the same train in the seat next to her and when I saw her for the first time after those 2 months, my heart was beating rapidly. We were both very tired on the train home and propped each other up like puppets.