Sweden – Transfigure

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHNot long had I been back from Iceland before I was off abroad again. This time destined for a small town in Sweden called Alvesta. I was with my sister Grace, her boyfriend Lewis and our friend Greg.

Grace and Lewis play in a band together called Transfigure. They were playing a synth/goth festival called Kalabalik and had me there doing front of house sound for them, and Greg doing a projection show!

We set off for Edinburgh very early in the morning to fly to Copenhagen, where we would catch a train to Alvesta. We had five huge luggage cases between the 4 of us! Each not containing clothes… But vintage synthesisers, bubble-wrapped relentlessly! We couldn’t afford these instruments not making the journey in one piece so the wrapping was necessary. We boarded our flight and set off on our travels, catching the planned train at Copenhagen no bother, arriving in Alvesta to be picked up and taken to the festival.

Looking down on Denmark
Looking down on Denmark | Taken on iPhone 5s

Robin was the man waiting for us at the train station, he was really helpful and drove us across to the venue, Tyrolen. Upon arriving at this old, all original 60s holiday camp, the vibe was really good. We got ourselves some food and absorbed the amazing place we were in. The main venue was still outdoors however shared similarities of a circus tent. It had open sides and was made of wood. On the ceiling were old paintings, done in the 60s that had been preserved and untouched as if time had forgotten them. The paintings had an uncomfortable vibe but I really admired the venue! We ate well that night having pizza and had a fairly early night if I remember correctly. Transfigure had to play their show the following day.

Taken on: Nikon FG | Film: Ilford HP5 Plus

We all slept well that night in our cramped caravan, and woke up quite late. We ate breakfast and started to prepare for the show. Projectors were hung and the mixing desk programmed ahttps://alexblamire.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=140&action=edit&message=10s Grace and Lewis set up the stage with their synths. We were ready early and had an hour or so before the show, just relaxing and prepping then it was show time.

The show began and sounded fantastic, the bass drum kicking through and synths chiming. There were plenty of people there to see the show and they all seemed to love it. They were dancing and bopping their heads along to the music whilst gazing in awe at the projections onto Grace and Lewis. Before I knew it, it was all over and everyone was left wanting one more… But that was it! For the rest of that evening we would see people coming and saying well done and how much they’d enjoyed the show. We sat in what was nick named the ‘Party Bus’, an old 1960s Volvo bus, converted into a camper-van. We all had a good drink and socialised with the other bands. It was a really great night!

Grace and the bus Taken on: Nikon FG | Film: Ilford HP5 Plus

The following day was much more relaxed and we didn’t do much, simply because there wasn’t much to do! We saw lots of bands and a couple that really stood out for me were:
Gazelle Twin and Keluar

after the festival, on the way back home. We missed our train whilst browsing the local supermarket looking for sweets for the journey! Luckily the train guards let us get onto the next train, or we’d have missed our flight! It was a close call, and one I’ll not forget in a hurry! I had a really amazing time and would definitely like to go back to Sweden to see more of the country.