After Effects – Slow motion bee on flower

Sitting among beautiful flowers in the 25 degree heat of Newcastle Upon Tyne, I find myself eating a wonderful breakfast of chopped apple, granola and yoghurt. I spotted a bee flying in and out of the flowers and thought I’d try and capture the moment in slow motion on my iPhone. I didn’t expect the results to be this clear. The focus is a bit of a pain, however it adds a bit of character to the footage

I imported it to my computer and into After Effects. I’d been looking at the footage on my iPhones standard Photo App. This allows you to view the footage in slow motion (dropped FPS). However in After Effects I had to mess around with Time Stretching percentages for ages. I finally figured that to match the iPhone’s playback you must Time Stretch by 400% and this drops the 120fps to 30fps. Resulting in a seamless slow motion video.

After Effects – Simulating 8mm Film

I recently borrowed my dad’s old Nikon SLR and bought myself some 35mm film. I haven’t finished the film yet thus haven’t got them developed to post. The whole analog thing got me thinking about trying to shoot some video on film too. I looked into it and it was going to be super expensive by the time I’d bought a Super8 Camera, a projector, a reel of film and had it developed. So I set out on After Effects to recreate the effect.

The footage above is the result I came up with.
I started with some old footage my friend Ellie shot for her Coursework. It was part of a film trailer and stars my mate Joss.

I then set out looking for an overlay which I found in one of tutorials I stumbled across.
Project files and all the relevant steps are in there if you want to give it a shot yourself.

I slowed my footage down by 60% which made it look more like a dodgy film, posterised the time to 18fps to make it more realistically jittery.

The only thing I would do differently would be to render the video at a higher resolution.