Wait In The Dark – Juice & Albert (Live Session)

A couple of weeks back, Me and Joss (Juice & Albert) released our first glimpse of anything for a few months. We filmed a live version of our previously unheard song Wait In The Dark.

You can watch the video of us performing the song live at Polestar Studios.

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Sweden – Transfigure

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHNot long had I been back from Iceland before I was off abroad again. This time destined for a small town in Sweden called Alvesta. I was with my sister Grace, her boyfriend Lewis and our friend Greg.

Grace and Lewis play in a band together called Transfigure. They were playing a synth/goth festival called Kalabalik and had me there doing front of house sound for them, and Greg doing a projection show!

We set off for Edinburgh very early in the morning to fly to Copenhagen, where we would catch a train to Alvesta. We had five huge luggage cases between the 4 of us! Each not containing clothes… But vintage synthesisers, bubble-wrapped relentlessly! We couldn’t afford these instruments not making the journey in one piece so the wrapping was necessary. We boarded our flight and set off on our travels, catching the planned train at Copenhagen no bother, arriving in Alvesta to be picked up and taken to the festival.

Looking down on Denmark
Looking down on Denmark | Taken on iPhone 5s

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