Juice & Albert – Wait In The Dark Teasers

After not releasing anything for a few years, Juice & Albert are back in gear. Release Wait In The Dark will hit all digital stores on the 11.11.2016.

The release will be the first in 3 years, aside from the ‘Her Eyes’ Single which was released in all digital stores earlier this year.

Wait In The Dark is released on the 11.11.2016 through Polestar Records.
Below are the two teasers that have been released so far!


The Pale White – Second Place

Yesterday my mates The Pale White released their new single ‘Second Place‘. I was lucky enough to be asked to do the artwork again, following on from a couple of months ago when they released ‘Let You Down

Along with the release of the single we get a glimpse of some new press shots I did with them a couple of weeks back. I cant wait to share some more of these.
The Pale White - Press2_01

Wait In The Dark – Juice & Albert (Live Session)

A couple of weeks back, Me and Joss (Juice & Albert) released our first glimpse of anything for a few months. We filmed a live version of our previously unheard song Wait In The Dark.

You can watch the video of us performing the song live at Polestar Studios.

View, comment and share if you’d like. It would really help us out

Newcastle: The Ouseburn Culvert and Rising Sun

The Ouseburn Culvert
The Ouseburn Culvert | Taken on iPhone 5s Via Instagram

Deep in the Ouseburn Valley, central to Newcastle upon Tyne there is a hidden and intriguing location that, having lived there for 18 years had never ever come across… The Ouseburn Culvert.

The culvert houses the river Ouseburn that runs from all the way up past Jesmond Dene down till it meets the Tyne. The small river runs underneath Shieldfield. Once part of the valley Shieldfield is now flat having been used as a landfill site. The gap over the valley was filled in order to make the city more accessible. However under the piles of rubbish a reinforced concrete tunnel was build to carry the Ouseburn underneath. The tunnel is uninhabited an extremely eerie. In the Second World War it was used as an air raid shelter for the population of Newcastle. Although I never got into the tunnel far enough to get to the shelter I believe it is still there, and I’m extremely exited to go back and go deeper into the culvert.


Taken on Nikon FG using Ilford HP5 plus

Another one of Newcastle’s secrets is the Rising Sun Country Park… It’s not really a secret but I can admit I’d never been there until the other day! I went with my girlfriend Molly and we had a really lovely day. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to escape the city without actually leaving. We easily strolled around for a good 2 hours and admired the lovely scenery, as well as petting the horses and swans. It’s extremely picturesque and a really nice day out.